Watermark Connemaras
& Irish Sporthorses

Before there were dogs, there were ponies...


In Memory of

El'Capitan, who raised me and patiently endured the terrors of my teens...

Parting shots - September 1998
Captain was just 2 years older than me, and entered my life when I was thirteen. He was a rugged and agile grade Quarterhorse/Morgan cross, who would go all day, jump anything, was hard-headed and willful, and an excellent match for me. He never knew an off day until struck by cancer at the age of 30. He was allowed his well-earned rest on a warm, sunny day in September of 1998, days after this photo was taken.
September 1998
My partner in crime - 1985At a schooling show in '84
The old man was a ham and would always smile for the camera!
Claims Conscious,who shared her tremendous spirit with all and was taken far too soon.
Tappy at the Hampton Classic in 1991
(Trade x Mid-Venus, by Egotistical)
Tappy was a case of love at first sight. She arrived at the thoroughbred farm where I worked (her breeders) shortly after surgery to remove a bone chip from her ankle - an injury that ended her moderately successful racing career. She went to college with me, where she proved to be an incredible, elegant mount. All who knew her remember her not only for her own attributes, but for those she passed on to her offspring. Tappy was a victim of her own exuberance, and when an accident on the ice took her life, she took the spirit of our breeding program with her.
Sadly, few pictures of Tappy exist today.
We are thankful that she left behind a legacy in her daughters.


Pony Hollow's Winter Rebel

(Dallen McMor of Greystone x Landgate Phoebe)
b. April 26, 1986

Grey (born black) Connemara

Rebel produced very well for us in the ten years he was with us (from birth). He was one of the hardest to part with when we dispersed our herd. He is now, at the age of sixteen, gelded and a steady mount for a young disabled child.

Some of our ponies:
Yearlings enjoying the snow

Out of "Tovan", bay TB mare......
Bay filly going grey, Watermark Kilkerry Rowan
Black colt going grey, Watermark Rory McTavish

Out of our beloved Claims Conscious:

Watermark Caitlin Mor

Catie at 3 months Caitie at 3
Caitlin is currently the devoted mount of an eleven-year-old girl in Akron, OH
She is obviously quite spoiled and very well loved, which does my heart good.
Caitie is the spitting image of her mother in so many ways.

At home in Akron At home in Akron

Watermark Daybreak
Day at 3 months  Day at 2 years
After spending some time training with Denis Gloccum and trying her hand at pony jumpers, Day went on to work the "A" pony hunter circuit with a devoted young owner.

Pony Hollow Coleraine
Black 1/2 Connemara mare...

(McErrill of Greystone x Geez Luweez, 1/2 TB)
Dam of:  
Watermark Fashionably Late

Image and her "mom"
Image was our "bottle baby". Orphaned at birth, she was a challenge to raise and convince that she was actually an equine. Image now lives in Los Angeles.

Watermark Caught in the Act

Out of Pledge of Gold, TB mare...
...Watermark Ryan Glencasey

The pony who started the craze:
Coco Puff
Coco the day she arrived,
February 14, 1984
Halloween 1985 One week before her death,
August 8, 1986

Coco came to us malnourished and skinny from a muddy backyard. I purchased her cart and harness, and she was thrown in! She was the perfect size for a couple of students I was teaching, which meant that I could have my horse back to myself. Coco quickly proved herself to be a diamond in the rough. She was quite biddable with small children, had gorgeous structure, and quickly had us all by the heart strings.

Coco came to Ithaca, NY, from Southampton to be bred to the Connemara stallion Greystone Lavelley Minstrel. I remained with her, met some wonderful Connemara people, and fell in love with the area.

Coco died of colic just 2 months into her pregnancy, at the very beginning of a promising show career. Sixteen years later, her loss is only slightly dampened.

Limerick Lee
A sweet old Connemara mare,
outstanding producer, and dam of sires.
Land Gate Phoebe
With Rebel in April, 1986. Phoebe was a foundation mare by Lystra Lad who retired with us in her twenties when her productive years had come to an end.

Partners in crime
My best friends and partners in crime as a teen:
Captain, Traveler, and Candice. For years the four of us were inseperable.